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16:22 minutes Slacker and Steve - My Life is White Trash News Flash 1/18

A divorce over NASCAR, a family reunion that ended in a brawl or a bonfire that burnt the trailer to the ground! Tell us how your life is White Trash News Flash!

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2:47 minutes Slacker and Steve - Time To Wake Up! 10/29

An elderly woman crashes into a store, and a man gets a painful wake-up from his girlfriend.

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2:52 minutes Slacker and Steve - You Can't Smoke Here! 10/23

A man attacks his roommate, and a drunk man tries to light a cigarette in a hospital room.

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3:16 minutes Slacker and Steve - Man, Talk About a Buzzkill! 10/22

A group of teens get high in the car, and a woman breastfeeds her dog.

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3:34 minutes Slacker and Steve - How Ya Deal With A Breakup 10/5

A stripper ruins a bachelor party, and a woman tries to burn down a lingerie store.

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3:03 minutes Slacker and Steve - Fishing Sucks. Where's My Gun? 10/3

A man shoots himself while fishing, and a driver avoids an elephant.

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2:48 minutes Slacker and Steve - That Boy Is Bo Duke! 10/2

A boy steals a truck, and a man stabs himself in a fight.

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3:07 minutes Slacker and Steve - Pool Poo 10/1

Someone leaves a number 2 in a woman's pool, and man sets his apartment on fire.

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2:50 minutes Slacker and Steve - What the Duck?!? 9/27

A woman is attacked by a duck, and a man puts soap in his girlfriend's mouth.

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2:54 minutes Slacker and Steve - There's A Baby Coming! 9/26

A man hijacks a car to get his girlfriend to the hospital, and a woman hits a man with a hammer during relations.

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